Discover Hidden Gems In These 3 Wet Markets In Penang

Hmmm? The unpleasant smell from the raw foods, the watery surface, and the dirtiness of the place eventually has caused you to feel reluctant to step into wet markets. You might have wanted to visit these places for your instagram feed. 

Chowrasta Market 

One of the market visited by the locals and tourists, as it is kind of easy access. To find an instagram worthy spot, you definitely need to find this hidden second hand book shop. Walk up to level 2 of Chowrasta Market Building you will find book stacking from the floor to the ceiling. No matter if you are a book lover or not, this is definitely worth a place at your IG. 

In the surrounding streets, you will see there is stalls lining the laneways and kopitiams filled with hawker food. Make sure you get them filled up your stomach before you leave. 

Lebuh Cecil Wet Market & Hawker 

When we talked about having hawker food in penang, Cecil Street Market is the place that struck in our mind. Eventually it had taking up nearly half of the market, therefore it offered the most variety hawker food. Nobody said that, wet market couldn’t be an interesting place for photos. Maybe, the vendor will look shocked, but who knows, it might be a whole new experience. 

Find this looking cool spot right beside the market, it’s actually a storage place for the vendor. 


The Pulau Tikus Market is often called the rich man’s market, as it is the watering hole of the affluent Pulau Tikus neighbourhood. But, who is going to care about the price when we are there to eat like a local. 

80% of the businesses in the market are still managed by the old generation, hence you will still get to see how they operate their business in the past century. 


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