Top 10 Instagram-worthy spots you must visit in Penang!

Instagrammable photo is not only based on the editing skills but the spots eventually more important as compared. If you are planning a trip to visit Penang soon, do remember to prepare your best outfit, as we had a list for you. 

Kuan Yin Temple

One of the oldest taoist temple in the middle of the city. It was built in the 1880s and it is dedicated to the Goddess of Mercy. The wooden carving artwork on pillars, halls and rooftops within the temple itself are simply stunning and amazing. 

Be respectful to the religious / culture if you are visiting this place. 

Armenian Street

Situated in a narrow street of Georgetown and it is within a core zone of UNESCO World Heritage Site. It started to be well known after an artist Ernest Zacharevic painted an amazing art along the street. 

Esplanade City Hall 

This victorian-style white building with Corinthian columns overlooks the parade ground of Padang Kota and the Esplanade. And it was a British-built building at the end of the 19th century.

Victoria Street Kastam clock tower 

One of the heritage buildings located at the junction between Weld Quay and China Street Ghaut, completed build in 1909, the building with an imposing clocktower once served as a railway station.  But now, it serves as the Penang headquarters of the Royal Malaysian Customs Department, Wisma Kastam is the Malay name. 

Avatar Garden 

A landscaped park set on the hill behind Tua Pek Koong Temple was decorated with LED strings. The park turns alive as soon as darkness falls. The best time to visit this place is right before sunset time, so you can enjoy the beauty of sunset in Penang too. 

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Penang Avatar Secret Garden.

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Macallum Connoisseurs 

A refurbished warehouse turned café situated along the busy Tun Dr Lim Chong Eu Expressway. 

The high-ceilinged container-like café has shades of gray; exuding an industrial vibe. Spacious and different seating setting helps to accommodate different group of customers. 

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Lunabar Coffee

A unique coffee bar tucked in a harmonious plant house situated in the middle of the hustling city of Georgetown. With the minimalist interior design filled with lots of greenery setting. Menu selection is pretty simple for a lazy day. 

Kek Lok Si 

A temple stands majestically on the slopes of Air Itam has a beautiful and colourful place with a picturesque view of the valley and the city. The statue of the Goddess of Mercy has behold the sight of the beautiful engravings. 

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Chew Jetty 

The vibrant and colourful of Chew Jetty is the only one open to public’s jetty. Although it is just another tourist attraction, whereby they have an eye-catching views, which you can see how the people live their lives there. 

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Benda boleh happy buat apa nk sedih2.. #petang 😚

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  1. Batu Ferringhi 

How can you not to go for a stroll or chill along Batu Ferringhi? Batu Ferringhi beach is the second most visited place beside Georgetown. You can either soak in the sun on the beach, while enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. As the sun sets, the place come alive with a carnival-like bazaar. 

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This is the only day we saw the blue sky at beach.

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Hin Bus Depot 

Hin Bus Depot not only trendy because of the Sunday pop-up market and also space for exhibitions but it is a best-loved arts and culture hub. This is a space where every single corner worth to fit in your instagram feed. 


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