5 Reasons to go to Penang Hill at Evening / Night!

Penang may be highly urbanized these days due to rapid economic development, but you will still be able to escape and find some respite from the crowded city atop the highest point on the state at Penang Hill.  

Night view 

You get to overlooks the entire northeastern quadrant of Penang Island, including the bustling city in a short distance. If you are lucky to get a clear night view, you can also view lighting from the penang Bridge and the landmass beyond the strait. 

Don’t worry the last funicular train goes down Penang Hill is at 11pm, so just sit back, relax and admire the view. 

Cheaper ticket fare

Do you know that, visitors (with MyKad and MyKid) can purchase tickets for only RM3 between 7.30pm to 9.45pm (it’s one way ticket ONLY) ? And, this does not applicable to online purchase, its solely for walk-in only. 

Do check out the calendar for the period that sunrise / sunset promo are available to avoid any disappointment. 

Less crowded / shorter queue

Usually visitors will choose to visit Penang Hill in the day time as there are other attractions up there awaiting them to the visit. However, if this is not your first time and you just want to enjoy the cool breeze, you definitely can visit Penang Hill at a later time, which has lesser crowd and shorter queue at the funicular train. 

Chill weather

The temperature at Penang Hill is generally about five degrees cooler than in the city. With the temperature ranging from 21 degrees to 27 degrees celsius at night. Even though is a hot sunny day, you won’t feel the temperature is 31 degrees celsius as there is wind and shades around. Hence at night is the perfect place to relax and chill. 

Scrumptious dinner @ David Brown’s Restaurant & Tea

Tucked away in the corner of Penang Hill. David Brown’s restaurant is divided into two sections. The cafe, Sky Terrace which is located at the lower ground and the restaurant at the upper ground of the Strawberry Hill. With the great panoramic view of Penang Island, chilling weather and dining with the right person, is always the best combination. 

Address: Strawberry Hill, Penang Hill, Bukit Bendera, 11300 Air Itam, Penang

Operating hours: 11:00am to 10:00pm


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