Homemade Ice Cream & Where to Get Them


Tucked at a small shoplots around Hin Bus Depot. A great place to enjoy and indulge in handcrafted ice cream with some unique flavors, such as Blue Chrysanthemum, Cempedak, Earl Grey Lavender and etc with reasonable price. 

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The Craftisan 

The Craftisan really pays a lot of attention to the presentation of their soft serve and they sure taste as good as they look. Their ice cream has a distinctly Asian spin, offering flavors like Tie Kuan Yin , matcha, coconut, durian and toppings like gula melaka, chocolate bars and almond strips

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Vanila, Chocolate, Green Tea flavours? A typical flavour that usually you get. But why not trying others flavour could be a hit, as Utterly Ice Cream is known for their creativity in offering the unique taste for your palate. They have the ever famous D24 durian, where durian flesh is topped on the ice cream. 

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Rabbit Softserve 

Rabbit Softserve offer tremendous flavor combos that satisfy savory and sweet tastes. The offerings rotate, so every visit is different. Be sure to check out their social media for the flavor updates. 

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Offered an instagrammable Hungarian Street Treats which is chimney cones topped with their homemade soft serve. It’s definitely worth a stain at the lip. 

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Small batches of handcrafted ice cream with seasonal, freshly sourced local produce. Our products consist of only the essential ingredients. Ice cream are amazing and superb, mostly homemade even the ice cream cones are home made

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Merry Me 

This Penang dessert scene staple all generations to go for a taste as they have a series of unique Malaysia-inspired flavours. Try their Tao Sar Piah flavour for something bold: a sophisticated version of that old-school childhood taste for milk and cream, certainly not one for the faint-hearted.

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Tucked neatly inside Chapel Street Cafe, the place was decorated in a sense of minimalism. They serve unique and attractive ice-cream which might just become your love. 

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The Ais 

The Ais has been serving the most delicate and healthy artisan Ice Cream in town. With more than 40 flavors available which serve on rotation basis which you might not get some flavours on certain days. However,  there will be at least 3 alcohol-based Ice Cream and 16 types of ice cream on offer at all times. If you are vegan, no worries ! They got you covered with vegan ice cream. 

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Fruitmade offered fruity flavour of soft serve which topped with mouth-watering fruits! It’s definitely worth your penny under the hot weather. Of course it is also insta-worthy as the presentation of the soft serve and colour coordination is just worth a square. 

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