3 Ways To Plan Your Trip With Instagram

Instagram has been one of the biggest social networking platforms in the world; since being acquired by Facebook, Instagram users and business accounts have been growing rapidly, outpacing Snapchat and Twitter.

Thanks to large number of high quality content published by its users, it now becomes one of the best apps to plan your vacation journey.


Explore and search your desired locations to find out more about them, there are plenty of images uploaded by the users where you can refer before your visit.

Besides, certain locations show the operating hours and you won’t be there at the wrong hours.

Save to Collection

Found any interesting place or amazing Instagram-worthy spot? You can tap the “Save” button to save it for later.

You can also put them into categories by adding them to collection by region or day.

Direct Message

Create a group to discuss the trip plan with your travel mates. It’s incredibly convenient to share Instagram posts to the group to share with everyone involved.

In addition, Direct Message feature allows us to contact the business accounts for reservation or enquiries.

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