How to support a local business in post-MCO period?

Many local businesses have been going through a tough time during the MCO period in our community, there are various ways for us to help them to rebuild the social and economic ecosystem back.

Adapt the new normal
Return to daily life with extra precautions, to protect others and yourself from any potential risk. Instead of intentionally reaching business that is far from your neighbourhood, let’s shop and purchase food around your community, to bring each respective community economic activities back alive.

Sharing on social media
If you have purchased any products or food worth recommending, post a shoutout on social media to share with your friends, it is absolutely helpful to boost the sales and business activities.

Send your love
It has been more than a month we haven’t see our friends since MCO imposed, there is one thing we can do to send our regards, by placing order for a food delivery, gift, dessert, and more, to surprise them!

Share with us if you have any great idea to help our local businesses to get through the tough times!


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