3 Easy Ways To Enjoy Coffee At Home

Filter / Drip Bag Coffee

Drop by any specialty coffee shop to look for pre-packed drip bag coffee, you can then enjoy great coffee as easy as pouring hot water! 

Links: Frank Laurent https://franklaurent.shoppertise.com/

French Press

For French Press coffee, it requires a dedicated coffee maker, which can be purchased at any IKEA / home appliances store at very affordable price compared to professional coffee maker. 

Second step, you need to identify coffee beans you preferred, then choose a medium grind to avoid clogging the filter or fine grind may pass through the filter. 

Link: IKEA Malaysia https://www.ikea.com/my/en/p/upphetta-coffee-tea-maker-glass-stainless-steel-80241388/

Capsule Coffee

Capsule coffee is another convenient way, probably the easiest way to get cup of coffee with wide selection of bean types. 

Choose your flavour, put it into capsule machine, hit the button and a well brewed coffee is ready in less than a minute! 

Link: Nespresso https://www.harveynorman.com.my/nespresso/


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