Tech You Should Carry Along For Travel

Gadgets have been playing important role in our daily life, there are several items such as a mobile phone and external battery, which have been essential all the time. 

During your trip, there are more items to carry along to enhance your travel experience. 

Headphones / Earphones

A pair of wireless earphones / headphones is very important especially when we are on a flight or train journey.

You can isolate yourself from the engine or crowd noise, and it allows you to take a short break throughout the journey. 

Product recommendations: Sony WH-1000MX3, AirPods Pro, Bose 700

App recommendations: Spotify, Apple Music 

E-book reader / iPad

Read a book or enjoy multimedia content while waiting for flight layover or long journey flight. You may keep a copy of your accommodation booking record, tickets and more, instead of keeping everything inside your phone. 

Product recommendations: iPad mini, iPad Pro, Nintendo Switch, Amazon Kindle 

App recommendations: Kindle, Netflix

International Power Brick / Multi-Device Charger

Other than international power brick, a charger for multiple devices is convenient to utilise only one power point to charge all your devices in hotel room.

Product recommendations: Nomad Base Station, Mophie 3-in-1 wireless charging pad


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